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Post  st0ne on Sun Jan 27, 2013 10:29 am

Name your application topic with your IN GAME nick.

Please be sure to read the clan rules, which you can find HERE (ENGLISH VERSION SOON)

1. Nick:
2. class:
3. LvL:
4. Armor / Weapon / Jewel:
5. Real Name:
6. Age:
7. Where are you coming from?:
8. Are you working / studying?:
9. Your L2 history (servers / clans):
10. What's your in game time per day?(how many hours?):
11. From where you know us / what you've heard about Risen?:
12. Why you want to play in RISEN?:
13. Write something about yourself (something that will convince us to take you on board):
14. Do you accept Clan Rules?


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